[tor-relays] difficulty installing

Olaf Grimm jeep665 at posteo.de
Wed Mar 3 11:18:40 UTC 2021

I have some relays too.
I using Debian 10 and had no problems.
After installing the tor package, tor version, keyring and libevent will 
be updated with the regular apt update procedure.
For new relays I activate the testing repositories and use python3-pip 
for nyx.
pip3 install --upgrade pip
pip install --upgrade nyx

In torrc you must enable the control port (9051?; have forgot it).
That's all.

By the way, during system upgrade from Debian 9 to Debian 10 I had 
In case of trouble: Use the highest available software version. This 
works in most cases.

Arm is dead. Nyx is a good replacement.


Am 02.03.2021 07:47 schrieb potlatch:
> I've been deploying Tor nodes for over a decade--maybe several dozen
> or more. I still have ten nodes operating in six developing or smaller
> countries. Many are exits. Recently, I leased a VPS in a Eastern
> European country with permission to use it as an exit relay. This
> brought back some bad memories of a year ago when I last tried to make
> the Tor software function. The problems then are the problems I have
> now.
> I'm disappointed by the state of the installation packages and
> documentation these days (since a year ago at least). Tor won't start
> after the initialization message. But it displays 'If you do want to
> run an exit Relay, please set the ExitRelay option to 1 to disable
> this warning, and for forward compatibility'. Where the hell is the
> Exit Relay option? Then there is the issue of not being able to
> acquire the Tor keys or for the VPS to find the key-ring. Another
> message: 'The repository 'https://deb.torproject.org/torproject.org
> [1] stretch InRelease' is not signed. Data from such a repository
> can't be authenticated and is therefore potentially dangerous to use.'
> So, is it just that the documentation is messed up or has everyone
> given up on the Tor project?
>  Nyx has never completely worked for me. Never with a local config
> file. I think there are some python utilities that need to be
> installed to make it work. I never asked but no one ever offered. The
> documentation is silent regarding this point. The old ARM software
> would give me an idea of how many file descriptors I was using and if
> I had provided enough. Arm also filled in the users list with column
> information instead of providing mostly ????.
> I donate regularly to Tor, EFF and Riseup. It's what I believe in.
> Does Tor need some volunteer help? I can only code python--would that
> help?
> potlatch in WA State
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