[tor-relays] Authority Nodes

Michael Gerstacker michael.gerstacker at googlemail.com
Wed Jun 24 10:50:19 UTC 2020

Am Mo., 22. Juni 2020 um 22:28 Uhr schrieb nusenu <nusenu-lists at riseup.net>:

> I would assume that operators running relays in an end-to-end correlation
> position [1] due to incomplete MyFamily configuration are not considered
> eligible to run a directory authority.
> [1] https://nusenu.github.io/OrNetStats/endtoend-correlation-groups
I just would like to remember that your list is not as useful as you think
it is.

I have an exit for some time now which i intentionally don't list in my
family because for reasons no one needs to know i don't want to be
associated with it
(no i don't do traffic correlations attacks with it and i don't harm the
network or its users in any way).

I think this is a very good reason to not use the MyFamily option and
anyway some of the attacks teor pointed out can get mitigated when it's not
visible that the operator is the same one.

Technically your list should list it but it doesn't because just changing
the contact info and name is enough to not get recognized.

And when it's about trust i would rather trust someone who fails to include
the (partially) useless and painful implemented MyFamily option then
someone who builds a list which is easy to fool and not solving its purpose
but annoying honest operators.

Just saying.

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