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mpan tor-1qnuaylp at mpan.pl
Sat Jun 20 01:03:36 UTC 2020

> I see the Authority Nodes are located only in North America and Europe.
> I would like to contribute to the TOR network as much as possible. I am
> currently running a node and I would like to make it an Authority Node as
> well.
> I am from Brazil and I believe it would possibly be a good idea to have a
> new Authority Node in South America.
> What are the requirements? What should I do to become one of them?
> FYI, the node I am running is 79DFB0E1D79D1306AF03A4B094C55A576989ABD1
Hello and thanks for running the exit node,

  If you mean the authorities like moria1, tor26 and so on, this is
unfortunately the part where we must put our trust in flesh machines
instead of clean algorithms. Therefore operators of those servers are
not just random people, who run nodes like you or me.

  I don’t know the exact selection process, but what I know is that
knowing the operator in person for a long time is one of the
prerequisities. That explains why authorities are located only in North
America and Europe. Another factor, but this is only my guess, may be
that the state must be perceived as relatively safe and non-interfering
in hidden, muddy or plainly illegal ways. This is why I would myself be
against running such an authority in my own country. But this is all I
can tell or guess.


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