[tor-relays] Exit Concentration vs Bulk filters? (Was: Tor Organizations Meetup during 36c3 in Leipzig (Germany))

Tim Niemeyer tim at tn-x.org
Sat Jan 4 00:08:55 UTC 2020


Thanks you for the very nice protocol.

Am Freitag, den 03.01.2020, 15:45 +0100 schrieb ml-
torrelays at artikel5ev.de:
> + Concentration of Tor exit capacity in unique entities, how much of
> the
> Tor (exit) capacity should be in control of one group or person?
> ++ This is a recurring discussion, various people have suggested
> limits
> between 5% and 10% exit probability.

I think it's worth to mention, that some peopled stated that they don't
know if 15% or even more would be a problem.

There was also the hint, that the biggest players are playing very fair
by telling people about their correlations via the family setup. At
least it looks like that. Someone stated that there is a lot correlated
exit capacity without family setup. 

Besides the meeting.. I never heard a real technical reason to avoid
high concentration of Tor exit capacity. But on the other side, I can
see how the Tor network consumes all the exit capacity. So it looks
like the demand is high.

Maybe it would be a good idea to adapt some filters etc, to reduce the
bulk and scan traffic. E.g. port 22 has obviously a such high misuse
rate, that the traffic vs packet rate is too evil for our cpu capacity.

Sure it is nice to help scientist to scan the networks, bus .. realy ..
don't they have enough capacities at the universities?

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