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Tue Dec 22 21:29:47 UTC 2020

On 21.12.2020 08:31, Thomas wrote:

> It works fine when I run it as sudo, but according to its output, it
> "isn't a good idea, nor should it be necessary." So my first question
> is: How do I go about getting Nyx to connect to Tor's control socket
> as a standard, non-sudo process?

That will be FAQ in this list ;-)
You have to add yourself to the Tor user 'debian-tor' group.
(_tor-00, _tor-01,... if you set up several instances. see below)

adduser user_name group_name
usermod -aG user_name group_name

usermod -aG debian-tor user

> My second question revolves around running the Tor daemon as a
> service. It seems as if, again, I need to run it as root to make it
> work, otherwise it gives me permission denied errors. What I want is
> to be able to run 2 consecutive nodes on different accounts; that way
> I can be more safe and secure while running my relay. If that's able
> to happen, how would I go about configuring my relay daemons to be
> separate, i.e. where would I put my torrc?

Create 2 or more Tor instances:
~$ apt install tor-instances
installs a helper script on a Debian or Ubuntu system. On other 
distributions you have to do all of this by hand what this script does!

~$ systemctl stop tor

~$ tor-instance-create 00
~$ tor-instance-create 01
~$ ...
~$ systemctl enable tor at 00
~$ systemctl enable tor at 01
~$ ...
~$ systemctl mask tor at default

~$ nano /etc/tor/instances/00/torrc
~$ nano /etc/tor/instances/01/torrc
~$ ...

~$ systemctl start tor at 00
~$ systemctl start tor at 01

To see if the tor daemon is running:
systemctl status _tor at 00
systemctl status _tor at 01
or '~$ journalctl -xe' to see if everything is ok

I wrote it a little more in detail in the PIVX forum. Ignore the PIVX 

╰_╯ Ciao Marco!

Debian GNU/Linux

It's free software and it gives you freedom!

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