[tor-relays] MyFamily line commented out but stays valid?

Michael Gerstacker michael.gerstacker at googlemail.com
Tue Nov 26 10:56:26 UTC 2019

> Can you send us a link to your relay on Relay Search, and a copy of your
> torrc?
> It's hard to debug without detailed information.
I already filled a ticket and included my torrc there like requested from

Yesterday i checked the MyFamily line on all relays so that it now is
definitely the same on all relays which are part of my family because i
stopped caring about the MyFamily option weeks ago after it seemed to not
work like expected.
Then i sent a HUP on all relays and waited for metrics to show them like
expected so that all 23 relays are shown as "Effective Family Members" on
all relays and that no relay is listed as "Alleged Family Member" now.
About two hours later the changes were shown that way in metrics.

Then i commented out the MyFamily line on angeltest8

and sent a HUP on that relay again.

Four hours later still nothing changed in metrics so i stopped and started
the tor daemon to be sure that the commented out MyFamily line is
definitely recognized but today still no change in metrics and angeltest8
is handled like before.

But as far as i understand it angeltest8 should now in metrics show zero
"Effective Family Members" and zero "Alleged Family Members" and all other
22 relays should list his fingerprint as "Alleged Family Member".

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