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Sun Nov 24 11:17:23 UTC 2019

On Thursday, November 21, 2019 at 7:29 PM, Mario Costa 
<mario.costa at icloud.com> wrote:
>> Il giorno 21 nov 2019, alle ore 15:49, Matt Traudt 
>> <pastly at torproject.org> ha scritto:
>> Thanks for running a bridge.
>> Check Tor's logs to make sure it is actually running and doesn't 
>> report
>> issues. Search its hashed fingerprint on
>> https://metrics.torproject.org/rs.html and make sure it is listed as 
>> up.
>> Verify you did *not* set 'PublishServerDescriptor 0'. Verify you can 
>> use
>> your bridge from outside your home. I once had a residential ISP 
>> that
>> blocked inbound port 80 but not 443.
> This actually made me realize that my home router would not properly 
> forward ports 80 and 443 from outside. I could connect to my bridge 
> from the LAN (even using my external IP) but not from outside. I had 
> to change to a non-standard port, unfortunately, because apparently 
> 80 and 443 are used by the router’s web GUI even if I disabled 
> external access to it. That’s a shame because I understand that ports 
> 80 and 443 are less likely to be blocked by censors.
> However, it’s still not clear to me how I can confirm anyone is using 
> the bridge.
In the nyx log you see messages like
'In the last X hours we have seen X unique clients' (I don't remember 
the exact wording)
Those are the clients that did use your bridge.
> When I connect to it, all I see in nyx are OUTBOUND connections and 
> not even one inbound connection (maybe that’s by design in order to 
> protect connecting users' privacy, I don’t know).
You are probably right.
In the past you could see connecting users in nyx as inbound 
connections without visible IP-address. Now they are not displayed as 
inbound connections any more. The outbound connections that are needed 
for these users are still displayed.
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