[tor-relays] The Onion Box v19.2: Dashboard to monitor Tor node operations

ECAN - Matt Westfall mwestfall at ecansol.com
Fri Nov 8 15:49:11 UTC 2019

This looks promising then, especially as I intend to expand the tor 
nodes I'm donating to the network.  Just added a middle in Japan 
yesterday :)

I'll definitely check it out, thanks for the effort put into this!!

Matt Westfall
President & CIO
ECAN Solutions, Inc.
Everything Computers and Networks

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>Hello Matt,
>thank you for this question.
>For a share of the information displayed you are right. This is due to 
>the fact that the metrics page and The Onion Box both display data from 
>The relevant difference yet is that the Box attaches to the node to 
>monitor it, whereas the metrics view is based on data that the node 
>releases to the Tor network. As there's no demand for the Box to ensure 
>anonymity (the dashboard is - usually - operated by s/o trustful), it 
>does display as well enhanced and more detailled data that metrics 
>shall not distribute. Thus the Box shows - as some examples - the 
>configuration data of the node (as the node understood it), a live view 
>of the up-/downloaded bandwidth (resolution 1/s vs 1/24h @ metrics), 
>the messages that the node emits - and provides a mean to switch 
>message levels with just one click. Some of those data - perhaps even 
>all of it - may be found somewhere ... and the Box does what a dashboad 
>does: It displays information from different sources in context for 
>easier access - to support analysis and understanding.
>The ControlCenter creates an even more focused survey and allows 
>(family) operators to verify the healthyness of a number of nodes (of 
>his / her family) on a single page - displaying for each node e.g. live 
>bandwith data and the status flags, as well as giving access to the 
>detail dashboard (if necessary in case of trouble). I don't think this 
>is a feature elsewhere available in the Tor universe.
>I yet know that these words just express my personal opinion. If you 
>still have concerns I'd be happy to discuss with you - perhaps off list 
>- what you would demand to get additonal value from an Onion Box.
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>node operations
>As far as I can tell, this just gives you a graphical representation of 
>the data available from metrics.torproject...... which already has 
>graphs....... I'm confused.
>Can you elaborate as to why someone should look into running this?
>Matt Westfall
>President & CIO
>ECAN Solutions, Inc.
>Everything Computers and Networks
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>node operations
>>Good evening to the list!
>>It's been a while since you've heard news about The Onion Box 
>>This was due to the fact that I spent some time to implement the 
>>ControlCenter, as ability to monitor several (better: as many as you 
>>like) Tor nodes in parallel. This picture 
>>gives you an impression of a ControlCenter in action.
>>The latest version 
>><https://github.com/ralphwetzel/theonionbox/releases/tag/v19.2b3> is 
>>still labeled 'beta', yet seems stable enough to be released for 
>>broader testing.
>><https://github.com/ralphwetzel/theonionbox/blob/devel/README.md> is 
>>not finalized so far, but I'm convinced it is supportive enough to 
>>lead you over the low hurdles to setup your box.
>>To upgrade your installation via pip 
>><https://pypi.org/project/theonionbox/19.2b3/>, please use 'pip 
>>install theonionbox==19.2b3 --upgrade' ... as it would otherwise still 
>>pull the latest stable release (v4.3.1).
>>Please note that the support for Python 2 was dropped, so you have to 
>>use Python 3.6 or higher to operate your Onion Box.
>>Any feedback ist highly appreciated. Enjoy!
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