[tor-relays] Hardware specs for a high-bandwidth Tor exit?

NOC tor at afo-tm.org
Wed Nov 6 18:25:56 UTC 2019

Hi Christian,

a AMD EPYC 7642 should be able to saturate that 20 GBit/s connection 
fine, Mainboard depends on what you prefer. Supermicro, HP and so on 
have all Mainboards for that CPU, so choose the one you prefer.

On 06.11.2019 00:15, Christian Pietsch wrote:
> Dear Tor friends,
> the NGO I am volunteering for (Digitalcourage e.V.) has been running
> modest Tor exits for many years. Now we finally have the opportunity
> to run a high-bandwidth exit relay because we found a data center with
> a nice internet connection (20 Gbit/s) we may use.
> My question is: What kind of hardware should we buy to utilize this
> bandwith? I am told that we need an SFP+ networking card to connect to
> the fibre optics cable, but what CPU and mainboard would you recommend
> nowadays? It should fit into a 1 height unit 19" enclosure.
> If you prefer to tell me in person: I will attend the Tor meetup in
> Brussels on Friday<https://blog.torproject.org/events/tor-meetup-brussels>
> and the subsequent Freedom Not Fear event<https://www.freedomnotfear.org/>.
> Cheers,
> Christian
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