[tor-relays] forward relay connections

nusenu nusenu-lists at riseup.net
Wed May 22 09:05:00 UTC 2019

tor-relay at riseup.net:
> I'm running a non exit relay on a debian machine (in the next few
> months I will switch to *BSD) on a Lime2. 

I assume you are referring to a relay run at home.

> I'm running an exit relay
> too on a remote VM.
> I would turn my non-exit relay in an exit one, but for obvious
> reasons, I don't want to run It from my shitty ISP IP. I could give
> 10-14 mbps from my home connection, so I think that the lime2 would
> be  powerful enough to run It properly.

I would discourage such a setup for the following reasons:

- this setup includes the risk that users will exit 
through your home broadband IP address (bad!) if tunnels break down
- such setups that introduce an additional hop decrease the user-experience
- most users will not be happy with an "10-14mbps" exit at a home broadband connection
- it is not clear to me why you would involve your home IP at all for your exit
if you have a VM in a datacenter

nonetheless, thanks for running relays,


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