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Il 21 maggio 2019 15:32:57 CEST, gus <gus at torproject.org> ha scritto:
>Dear Relay Operators,
>Do you want your relay to be a Tor fallback directory mirror? 
>Will it have the same address and port for the next 2 years? 
>Just reply to this email with your relay's fingerprint.
>If your relay is on the current list, you don't need to do anything.
>If you're asking:
>Q: What's a fallback directory mirror?
>Fallback directory mirrors help Tor clients connect to the network. For
>more details, see [1].
>Q: Is my relay on the current list?
>Search [2] and [3] for your relay fingerprint or IP address and port.
>[2] is the current list of fallbacks in Tor.
>[3] is used to create the next list of fallbacks.
>Q: What do I need to do if my relay is on the list?
>Keep the same IP address, keys, and ports. Email tor-relays if the
>relay's details change.
>Q: Can my relay be on the list next time?
>We need fast relays that will be on the same IP address and port for 2
>years. Reply to this email to get on the list, or to update the details
>of your relay.
>Once or twice a year, we run a script to choose about 150-200 relays
>from the potential list [3] for the list in Tor [2].
>Q: Why didn't my relay get on the list last time?
>We check a relay's uptime, flags, and speed [4]. Sometimes, a relay
>might be down when we check. That's ok, we will check it again next
>It's good to have some new relays on the list every release. That helps
>tor clients, because blocking a changing list is harder.
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