[tor-relays] Email Blocked by ISP

George george at queair.net
Thu May 16 17:57:00 UTC 2019

K. Besig:
> I've run a homeĀ  relay on and off for several years and recently, for the first time, had my email blocked by the ISP rendering it impossible to login into my 3rd party mail sever.
> When I contacted support I was informed my email password had been reset due to activity that resembled e-bombing/mass mailing. Only after submitting to a system scan while the rep waited on the phone,was I able to reset my password.
> I moved several months ago and went from a TWC legacy account to a Spectrum account.
> Wondering if anything other than lowering my tor bandwidth would keep them off my back...

Most people strongly recommend NOT running a public relay on a residential connection.  It's safer to run a bridge.  All public relay IP addresses, not just exit addresses, are being blocked by some providers and online services.  They are with the "clunky security" is better than accessibility.

Now, the TWC transition to Charter only adds to the fire.  TWC, in hindsight, was remarkably loose and friendly compared to what Charter is doing.  You don't even get a free month of HBO to placate you after an extended outage... I can only imagine what they are doing on their residential data networks.  We see what they are doing to Local 3 of IBEW in NYC...



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