[tor-relays] 10 Years Torservers.net: Death or Future?

Moritz Bartl moritz at torservers.net
Mon May 6 02:47:49 UTC 2019

On 04.05.19 17:21, Ralph Seichter wrote:
>> This is a call for help!
> I offered to help last year, but my email to your support address did
> not result in an answer, so I pretty much shrugged it off. I'm sure I
> can find that message and forward it to you.
> -Ralph

Thank you. This is a good illustration of how this is broken, and how on
all ends this just leads to frustration.

Your mails are still there waiting to be answered, together with lots of
other mail, marked as unread. They were NOT ignored, just nobody found
the time to answer them yet. I have literally hundreds of mail sitting
in my inbox waiting be answered some day, many of them older than a year.

I send you and all the others who have been offering assistance warm
greetings and a thank-you, but we need someone to step up as
coordinator. All I can offer at this point is communication
infrastructure so that a new group can form and self-coordinate, like
our IRC channels (#torservers, #zwiebelfreunde), and our dormant mailing
lists (e.g. https://www.freelists.org/list/torservers ).

Maybe the better option is indeed to just celebrate its 10 years of
existence and kill it gracefully, to make room to let a new group form
independently, instead of waiting for someone to inherit it together
with the complexity and expectation to stick to the principles behind it.


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