[tor-relays] Explain yourself Conrad Rockenhaus

Tor Revolution isupportthenewrevolution at protonmail.com
Thu May 2 07:43:24 UTC 2019

Per your LinkedIn:

You worked at the National Reconnaissance Office of the United States which is the most secretive branch of the United States Intelligence Community
You worked at the Naval Security Group Activity which is the United States Navy's version of the National Security Agency
You have a Security Clearance but you don't specify what type but I wonder why someone with a SECURITY CLEARANCE would want to work with Tor

Teor called you out months ago as a US Government Spy and I'm glad that the Tor Community Council is calling you out with. People can post all of the advertising in the world but as long as you're called out Mr US Federal Government Spy then they're doing the right thing. You are probably trying to push hacked FreeBSD or that hacked HardenedBSD stuff that no one cares about anyway. If people cared about more FreeBSD on Tor they would do it but obviously it's not a big issue!!! It's not a big issue to spin up our Hetzner exits at least we know that a spy not you isnt doing it!!!

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