[tor-relays] Tor website overhaul -- who deserves punishment?

Igor Mitrofanov igor.n.mitrofanov at gmail.com
Thu Mar 28 04:14:01 UTC 2019

Alison, can you please share a link to the results of 'user testing as
well as research on
usability, accessibility, and localization'? I most definitely welcome
the idea of making Tor look modern (and would like to help if I can)
but it would be good to see what standards the development team is
following to get there.

I remember the 2018 redesign of Tor Metrics that prompted similar
negative responses. Back then there was a giant quote taking up the
top 1/3rd of the screen. Now half of my screen is covered with a large
slogan that looks like a pornsite ad: "Browse privately. Explore
freely.". At the bottom there is a header called "About Us" that is
smaller than the others but the text under that header is enormous.
Clicking "Documentation" at the very top takes me to the old
white-green design. Etc.

Nobody deserves punishment by the way. You all deserve enormous kudos
for working on Tor.

On Wed, Mar 27, 2019 at 10:39 AM Alison Macrina <alison at torproject.org> wrote:
> Ralph Seichter:
> > * Matthew Finkel:
> >
> >> Please be respectful. The tone of this message is disrespectful of the
> >> time, effort, and skill that went into launching the new website. It's
> >> unfortunate you do not appreciate or like the new site, but that does
> >> not excuse you.
> >
> > Disrespectful for you, maybe. I did not name names. Besides, I won't
> > feign to care about time and effort spent when I consider the result not
> > worth said time and effort. I don't hand out medals or diplomas for
> > trying/participating. You probably get the gist. ;-)
> I agree with Matthew that your email was very rude. Basic human decency
> is not "hand[ing] out medals or diplomas for trying/participating".
> Please do better. We are all working hard on Tor, many of us volunteers,
> and we should treat one another as community.
> >
> >> This new website is significantly better and more welcoming for the
> >> general population, rather than a small percentage of the population.
> >
> > I respect your right to have that opinion, although I disagree.  What
> > metrics you believe to support your "significantly better" I don't know.
> The redesign efforts were based on user testing as well as research on
> usability, accessibility, and localization. I am personally excited for
> how much easier it will be for our users to find what they're looking
> for, and how much easier it will be to translate this new site into many
> languages.
> >
> >> If you have suggestions for improving the new design, then please let
> >> us know.
> >
> > I suggest reverting to the previous website design. That design was,
> > IMO, "welcoming for the general population" in the sense that it treated
> > visitors as intelligent beings, capable of reading more than a few
> > buzzwords. I find it alarming that a certain school of web designers
> > these days seem to think their audience has the attention span of fruit
> > flies. From where I am standing, *that* is disrespectful.
> >
> > -Ralph
> Okay, you are entitled to your opinion as well. Please also be kind. And
> finally, this is a mailing list for tor-relays. Please stay on topic.
> Alison
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