[tor-relays] Tor website overhaul -- who deserves punishment?

Ralph Seichter abbot at monksofcool.net
Wed Mar 27 17:53:44 UTC 2019

* Alison Macrina:

> I agree with Matthew that your email was very rude.

I don't.

  "Satire, artistic form, chiefly literary and dramatic, in which human
  or individual vices, follies, abuses, or shortcomings are held up to
  censure by means of ridicule, derision, burlesque, irony, parody,
  caricature, or other methods [...]"

  (From: https://www.britannica.com/art/satire)

Oh, the pitfalls of nonverbal communication...

> And finally, this is a mailing list for tor-relays. Please stay on
> topic.

Finally? :-D What nerve. No longer being able to easily access the Tor
documentation and source code *is* on topic here. That's the reason I
posted in the first place.


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