[tor-relays] IRC meetup time poll

Colin Childs colin at torproject.org
Fri Mar 22 18:26:43 UTC 2019

Hello everyone,

Based on the feedback from the poll, the next meeting will take place on Thursday, April 4th @ 22:00UTC. 

I will send a reminder email out on April 1st with the agenda pad as usual.

Thanks for voting in the poll! 

> On Mar 13, 2019, at 7:32 PM, Colin Childs <colin at torproject.org> wrote:
> Hi everyone,
> Just a friendly reminder that we will be closing this poll on Friday, so please be sure you fill in your preferred times ASAP!
> Currently, the most popular time appears to be 23:00UTC.
> I hope you’re all having a great week! 
>> On Mar 8, 2019, at 11:15 AM, Colin Childs <colin at torproject.org <mailto:colin at torproject.org>> wrote:
>> Hi everyone,
>> We are looking at changing the current IRC relay operator meetup time, as well as adding additional times throughout the month. 
>> I have created a poll at https://xoyondo.com/dp/oyUpcPqhnnJ6TWz <https://xoyondo.com/dp/oyUpcPqhnnJ6TWz> to collect time preferences for the next meetup (all times are GMT+0).
>> Please add your time preferences by March 15th (1 week from today) to help us better select times that work for you! 
>> Thanks, I hope you all have a great weekend! 
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