[tor-relays] Tor Exit Relay CPU Usage Running at 100% for 1 MB/s on FreeBSD

Neel Chauhan neel at neelc.org
Tue Mar 12 02:10:48 UTC 2019

Hi tor-relays@ mailing list,

I have set up two exit relays on a FreeBSD 12.0 dedicated server:


Looking at my top stats, I get CPU usage of 100% most of the time 
(meaning 95% of the time) on both instances pushing around ~1 MB/s with 
both instances.

The server is a HP Blade server and has a single Intel Xeon L5520 CPU 
with 16GB of RAM.

Tor is configured to have 150 Mbps per instance, with a total of two 

Why am I getting this abnormal CPU usage? What's the solution? I don't 
want to use Linux but can use another *BSD or Solaris/Illumos if I must.




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