[tor-relays] Please help, my relay is unresponsive

ylms tor at yl.ms
Mon Mar 11 20:15:39 UTC 2019

Hello digistalist,

On 3/9/19 8:14 PM, digitalist00 wrote:
> Dear helpers!
> Nyx says that my relay is unresponsive and that it was resumed. As I
> write this mail I have already 334 duplicates hidden.
> What's my problem and how can I solve this?
> The relay runs on a Raspberry Pi and is connected via LAN.
> Yours
> Digitalist

One more email from my side, I moved one relay to a Raspberry Pi 3B
(maybe a 3B +, don't remember) last Friday, it is running well with this

# my config
ExitPolicy reject *:*
BandwidthRate 25Mbits
BandwidthBurst 40Mbits
Nickname your_nickname
DirPort 9030
NumCPUs 4
ControlPort 9051
ORPort 443
ClientUseIPv6 1

I throttle the bandwidth because I only have 40MBit/s upload, it is a
ADSL line. :-/


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