[tor-relays] Relay C19B33758B3A5144894233EC4C95D7985B9FD101

ylms tor at yl.ms
Mon Mar 11 19:33:26 UTC 2019

Hello Roger,
thanks for you reply.

On 3/9/19 4:08 AM, Roger Dingledine wrote:
> On Fri, Mar 08, 2019 at 03:52:48PM +0100, ylms wrote:
>> Hello,
>> I just setup a new exit, I know it takes time to "train", but I would be
>> interested in tips on how to tweak it.
>> I just replaces a old exit that used the same IP, but unfortunately we
>> lost that config/key.
>> So any tips are welcome in general.
> It looks good so far! Thanks for running it. It is good to see some
> good news from your part of Germany, not just bad proposed policies. :)

Yeah, as said it is not a new relay, just lost the old one. But I would
like to add a new one, just finding a useful Germany hoster is not easy
to find.

>> I also have some questions.
>> Atlas does not show any IPv6 address, is this normal?
> I see that you have an ipv6 exit policy set, but I don't see any
> ipv6 address in your relay descriptor.
> (You can see your relay descriptor with
> "wget" )
> If you were advertising an ipv6 address, you would have an "or-address"
> line in your descriptor. Compare to Fission1's descriptor:
> "wget"

I fixed it. I did not think about the OR-Port but did set:
# Use this IP for all outgoing connections
OutboundBindAddress [2001:4ba0:fff9:160:dead:beef:ca1f:1337]
# Use this IP for all outgoing connections
# OR Port IP
OutboundBindAddressOR [2001:4ba0:fff9:160:dead:beef:ca1f:1337]
# OR Port IP
# Exit IP
OutboundBindAddressExit [2001:4ba0:fff9:160:dead:beef:ca1f:1337]
# Exit IP

And for some reason I thought "Address" was the setting to do so, so I had:
Address [2001:4ba0:fff9:160:dead:beef:ca1f:1337]

But I removed that because it was bogus, so now it is:
Address tor.piratenpartei-nrw.de
now, which is what I meant to set.

>> WHat loglevel can I set to see if there is any problems, to find
>> possible improvements? I know the logging should not be changed, but I
>> want tot make sure tor works fine, so I would like to see some more
>> information for now.
> We recommend notice-level logs. That's what most of the Tor packages
> do by default:
> https://www.torproject.org/docs/faq#LogLevel

So "err" or "warn" would be the choice for troubleshooting, I assume
this can be changed and a "systemctl reload tor.service" would be enough?

Thanks for the help again.

> Thanks!
> --Roger
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