[tor-relays] Please help, my relay is unresponsive

teor teor at riseup.net
Sun Mar 10 23:22:50 UTC 2019


> On 10 Mar 2019, at 08:56, digitalist00 <digitalist00 at protonmail.com> wrote:
> Sorry, germin because of your torrc-example:
> I added MaxMemInQueues 1024 MB
> LimitNOFile 5000 doesn't work, neither does LimitNOFILE = 5000 and I deleted it.
> Nyx didn't start anymore and then I first had to "chown <authcookie-file>".
> Tor is running again and nyx says "Relay unresponsive - Relay resumed - 3, no 4 duplicates hidden.
> I have traffic, some flags and everything seems fine except those nyx-notices.

Maybe you're seeing a bug in nyx, and tor is ok?

Have you tried reading tor's logs directly?
(It looks like you are reading them through nyx.)

Tor's logs should be at /var/log/tor/log , or a similar path.


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