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teor teor at riseup.net
Sat Mar 9 04:07:12 UTC 2019


> On 9 Mar 2019, at 13:08, Roger Dingledine <arma at torproject.org> wrote:
>> I also have some questions.
>> Atlas does not show any IPv6 address, is this normal?
> I see that you have an ipv6 exit policy set, but I don't see any
> ipv6 address in your relay descriptor.
> (You can see your relay descriptor with
> "wget" )
> If you were advertising an ipv6 address, you would have an "or-address"
> line in your descriptor. Compare to Fission1's descriptor:
> "wget"

If you want to set an IPv6 address, use:

ORPort [IPv6]:Port

For example:

ORPort [2001:db8::1]:9001

Tor doesn't guess IPv6 addresses yet.

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