[tor-relays] Relay C19B33758B3A5144894233EC4C95D7985B9FD101

ylms tor at yl.ms
Fri Mar 8 14:52:48 UTC 2019

I just setup a new exit, I know it takes time to "train", but I would be
interested in tips on how to tweak it.
I just replaces a old exit that used the same IP, but unfortunately we
lost that config/key.

So any tips are welcome in general.

I also have some questions.

Atlas does not show any IPv6 address, is this normal?
WHat loglevel can I set to see if there is any problems, to find
possible improvements? I know the logging should not be changed, but I
want tot make sure tor works fine, so I would like to see some more
information for now.

Thanks for your help.

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