[tor-relays] exit operators: overall DNS failure rate above 5% - please check your DNS resolver

Paul pa011 at web.de
Sat Jun 29 15:23:22 UTC 2019

Am 28.06.19 um 22:16 schrieb nusenu:
> Dear Exit relay operators,
> first of all thanks for running exit relays!
> One of the crucial service that you provide in addition to forwarding
> TCP streams is DNS resolution for tor clients.
> Exit relays which fail to resolve hostnames
> are barely useful for tor clients.
> We noticed that lately the failure rates did increase significantly
> due to some major exit operators apparently having DNS issues and we would like
> to urge you to visit Arthur's "Tor Exit DNS Timeouts"
> page that shows you the DNS error rate for exit relays:
> https://arthuredelstein.net/exits/
> (the page is usually updated once a day)
> Please consider checking your DNS if your exit relay consistently shows a non zero
> timeout rate - and make sure you run an up to date tor version.
> If you are an exit operator but have no (or no working) ContactInfo, please consider
> updating that field in your torrc so we can reach you if something is wrong
> with your relay.
> kind regards
> nusenu

Dear nusenu,

thank you for your work and reminding.

Apparently the same recommended setup and version produces a high failure rate in one relay while having no issue with another at the same AS.

Even within the same relay but different instances you can experience a failure rate that is double the one in the other instance.

Any idea why this is the case?

Kind regards


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