[tor-relays] exit operators: overall DNS failure rate above 5% - please check your DNS resolver

nusenu nusenu-lists at riseup.net
Fri Jun 28 20:16:00 UTC 2019

Dear Exit relay operators,

first of all thanks for running exit relays!

One of the crucial service that you provide in addition to forwarding 
TCP streams is DNS resolution for tor clients. 
Exit relays which fail to resolve hostnames
are barely useful for tor clients.

We noticed that lately the failure rates did increase significantly
due to some major exit operators apparently having DNS issues and we would like
to urge you to visit Arthur's "Tor Exit DNS Timeouts" 
page that shows you the DNS error rate for exit relays:

(the page is usually updated once a day)

Please consider checking your DNS if your exit relay consistently shows a non zero 
timeout rate - and make sure you run an up to date tor version.

If you are an exit operator but have no (or no working) ContactInfo, please consider
updating that field in your torrc so we can reach you if something is wrong
with your relay.

kind regards

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