[tor-relays] Best practice for tor-exit node when I switch internet providers?

Chris Dagdigian dag at sonsorol.org
Thu Jun 27 21:31:30 UTC 2019


I've been running a tor exit node in the US since 2014 when I paid way 
too much for a comcast business internet circuit that came with static 
IPs and a TOS that allowed me to run servers at home.

It looks like I'm going to switch providers in a month or so as there is 
a fiber service I can get with symmetric bandwidth, the static IP count 
I want and theoretically also a TOS that is also amenable to server 

What is the best practice if I want to keep my tor exit going but switch 
upstream carriers and IP addresses? I'm guessing this is going to trip a 
bunch of tor monitoring alerts if I just bring the server up at a new IP 

Should I change the nickname? Totally wipe and reinstall tor itself? The 
goal is to bring back the same exit node but not set off any alarms when 
the exit node with the same IP for many years suddenly shows up with a 
new address.


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