[tor-relays] BridgeDB currently up but non-functional?

Rick Huebner rhuebner at radiks.net
Thu Jun 27 14:00:14 UTC 2019

It's working much better now. Things started improving just a few hours 
after I posted my previous message, around last Friday afternoon PDT. 
The web page and email channels started giving out vanilla bridges again 
(usually 2), and I consistently got 2 obfs4 bridges via Moat and the web 
page. I just checked again and got 3 obfs4 bridges via Moat, 2 vanilla 
bridges via both the web page and email, and 2 obfs4 bridges via the web 

I'm not sure how obfs4 bridges being unreachable would have prevented 
bridgedb from just giving them out anyway (pretty sure it can't tell on 
its own), or how any obfs4 issues would prevent it from giving out 
vanillas, but whatever you did starting last Friday seems to have 
unclogged the pipes. I'm still seeing weird connection issues with the 
bridges that I do get; sometimes they work, others they fail with 
similar errors to the logs I reported before, even though I'm just using 
the stock TBB 8.5.3 release, and connecting it normally without a bridge 
or selecting one of the built-in default bridges always works fine so 
there don't seem to be any local system issues. I've no idea what's 
going on there, but at least bridges are being distributed again. Thanks 
for your efforts.

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