[tor-relays] Build problem

teor teor at riseup.net
Tue Jun 25 11:31:53 UTC 2019


> On 25 Jun 2019, at 18:03, dns1983 at riseup.net wrote:
> I'm trying to build tor

What version of tor?

> for from source on a x86 Debian stretch machine. I first installed all dependencies, but when I launch the "./configure" command I see the following error:
> configure: WARNING: Unable to find liblzma.
> configure: WARNING: Unable to find libzstd

There are a bunch of configure log lines that can help us diagnose the issue.
Please paste the configure log lines that answer these questions:

Did the configure fail, or did it complete successfully?
(And just skip lzma and zstd.)

> I installed, among the others liblzma-dev, lzma, libzstd-dev and zstd.

Did you install pkg-config?
Tor uses pkg-config to find lzma and zstd.
What did configure say about pkg-config?

What minimum versions of lzma and zstd was configure looking for?
What did it find?

> I'm working through ssh. What I'm doing wrong?
> Could It be caused by a wrong environment variables settings?

PKG_CONFIG_PATH needs to contain the path of the lzma and zstd
pkg-config files. That should happen automatically, but it might not
work with older lzma and zstd Debian packages.

You could also try giving configure the paths to lzma and zstd.
See configure --help for details.


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