[tor-relays] BridgeDB currently up but non-functional?

Rick Huebner rhuebner at radiks.net
Fri Jun 21 12:56:21 UTC 2019

Hi, Phillip. Thanks for the response, and for taking on these issues. I 
also sent a more detailed direct report to frontdesk at torproject.org. It 
apparently crossed with your reply to this thread in the mail, I wasn't 
intending to nag. I assume that'll end up forwarded to you as well, 
hopefully the extra detail I was able to include there will be helpful 
in debugging the problems.

I think the hash ring allocation question may be the most severe and 
fundamental issue overall. The BridgeDB request page still just now 
insisted to me yet again that there are no vanilla bridges available at 
all. Even if plain vanilla ORport bridges are no longer the majority, 
there must be at least a few dozen (if not a few hundred) remaining, 
more than enough to ensure at least a few end up in every hash ring. I'd 
never expect to be told that there are no vanilla bridges available, 
period, but that's the only result I've gotten over many tries for a few 
days now. Only getting back 1 or 2 obfs4 choices, which often show up 
again well past the selection rotation interval, also seems like it 
points to not filling the hash rings properly. Or maybe something broke 
in the result filtering stage where it removes supposedly blocked or 
same-subnet choices? Even if a lot of the obfs4 bridges are unreachable, 
they should still be showing up in the response lists, and for some 
reason they aren't.

Anyway, thanks again, and if there's anything I can do to help test 
things feel free to email me directly.

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