[tor-relays] Moving Exit Node

Yggdrasil Admin admin at yggdrasil.ws
Wed Jun 19 21:28:50 UTC 2019

Hi at all.
Yesterday i was kicked by my hosting provider urdn (https://urdn.com.ua) kicked me because "someone we can't name here, wasn't happy" about what i did on a non urdn server. That's why they nullrouted my ipv4 and made the Exit Node inaccessible. After a talk with the support over jabber he told my that the server was still accessible over ipv6 so i backuped my identity keys and tried to setup my exit node on another server which wasn't possible because it alway tried to connect to the nullrouted ipv4. My main question is: Can i setup my exit node on another server with another ipv4 or is this impossible?

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