[tor-relays] Onionoo and ASN Number/AS Name

Matt Westfall mwestfall at ecansol.com
Sun Jun 2 06:58:50 UTC 2019

I had problems with the Static IPs Comcast gave me and GeoIP pulling up 
Minesotta everywhere, because that's last address they were "registered" 

So I contacted all of the GeoIP Providers and had them update their 

I don't know how that would work on -adding- in a whole ASN though, 
you'll probably just have to wait for it to filter through.

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>>  On 2 Jun 2019, at 15:14, Conrad Rockenhaus <conrad at rockenhaus.com> wrote:
>>  Onionoo returns “unknown” for my ASN for some reason (should return 63080) and returns “unknown” for AS Name (Should be GreyPony Consultants - as named in ARIN). I’m trying to find out where things might be potentially breaking here before I start connecting to the route servers at DE-CIX next week. Has anyone seen this type of issue before?
>Onionoo uses MaxMind's AS database, which is slow to update:
>If you use RIPE, you can see that the AS is present in IANA and WHOIS,
>but not in MaxMind:
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