[tor-relays] Tor relay on Verizon FiOS/FTTH: Advertised Bandwidth capped at ~19.5MiB/s

starlight.2018q2 at binnacle.cx starlight.2018q2 at binnacle.cx
Mon Feb 18 20:23:40 UTC 2019

Neel Chauhan neel at neelc.org at Mon Feb 18 18:05:47 UTC 2019
>I feel it's my Linksys WRT1900AC because consumer routers aren't 
>designed for the traffic high-bandwidth Tor relays handle, even after 
>flashing things like OpenWrt.

The router is probably dropping packets and is
problem.  Also consumer grade switches generally
cannot handle FiOS without dropping tons of packets.
A one TCP connection speedtest will not trigger
overload the way a 7000 connection Tor router does.

Dealt with this here by attaching the Linux server
directly to FiOS and having it act as the outside
router.  The relay would run much better but I fried
the mainboard with a PCIx NIC overload; swapped in
an incredibly ancient system formerly collecting dust
on a shelf.  Too busy/lazy to put up the newer
box waiting to take it's place.

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