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Thanks for your response. It wasn't clear to me if those operating systems would install any kind of firmware automatically. I want to try openbsd, maybe recompiling the kernel if I can.


Il 16 febbraio 2019 07:29:20 CET, grarpamp <grarpamp at gmail.com> ha scritto:
>On 2/16/19, dns1983 at riseup.net <dns1983 at riseup.net> wrote:
>> As far as I know, those distributions include non free firmwares,
>> potentially or maybe not, could contain some backdoors.
>> I don't want to preach no one, but for me is a ethical, moral
>question. I
>> want to avoid operating systems that haven't a clear policy about
>> software. It is my opinion that I am not the only one here, and that
>> explains the "Debian monoculture".
>> Maybe I'm wrong.
>> I would be happy to use a BSD operating system,  only if I was sure
>> It's entirely free.
>The BSD's tend to separate their "'base' install" as a mostly now
>[and still ultimately moving towards entirely] free copyright base,
>their addon "ports" and "packages" which you must manually install
>which can then contain blobs.
>Some of the Linux distros installers just try to detect all
>what you have and install all the blobs automagically.
>Some of the Linux distros are pretty good about not
>using blobs like that. Linux distros don't really have a
>concept of a "base". And generally don't care as much.
>They are perhaps the most blob and copyright strict yet
>still reasonably commonly used OS, and free as in
>permissive freedom (not restrictive GPL), of anyone.
>The BSD's are like that. See also...
>(Funny almost all OS offer microcode updates,
>another currently completely untrustworthy blob.)
>However you the user must ultimately analyse the
>choices, and purchases, including hardware, and
>the advocacy, suitable for you.
>If closed firmware bothers you, don't buy closed
>hardware that requires it, let the market sort it out.
>Or start your own to speed up the market.
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