[tor-relays] 2 ip addresses at the same device, works except for the DirPort

Toralf Förster toralf.foerster at gmx.de
Wed Feb 6 19:38:26 UTC 2019

I ordered a 2nd ip address for my server and put them in the first order in my network configuration.

I do wonder, why this adapted torrcconfiguration:

$> cat /etc/tor/torrc
# torrc at tor-relay
PIDFile /var/run/tor/tor.pid
DataDirectory /var/lib/tor/data

Nickname zwiebeltoralf
DirPort 80
ORPort  443
DirPort [2a01:4f8:190:514a::2]:80   NoAdvertise
ORPort  [2a01:4f8:190:514a::2]:443

ControlPort 9051

Log warn   file /tmp/warn.log
#Log notice file /tmp/notice.log
#Log info   file /tmp/info.log

ExitRelay 0
IPv6Exit 0

works at the first glance (about 6,000 connection) but still give after a while in the log:

Feb 06 19:59:08.000 [notice] Tor opening log file.
Feb 06 20:19:26.000 [warn] Your server (<xx>:80) has not managed to confirm that its DirPort is reachable. Relays do not publish descriptors until their ORPort and DirPort are reachable. Please check your firewalls, ports, address, /etc/hosts file, etc.

(where <xx> is the new main ip address at my eth0 device)


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