[tor-relays] Improving Relay IPv6 - RIPE Grant

NOC tor at afo-tm.org
Sat Dec 21 21:26:18 UTC 2019

On 21.12.2019 21:28, ILikeTor wrote:
> [..]
> only two relays per /64, for example? Do you have any plans for that
> already?[..]
That is already a bad practice for IPv4 and is impossible to do for 
IPv6. There are server providers which give you a single IPv6 address 
(/128) and there are some which give you /48. And because some give 
Additional IP space like candy this limit is dead with IPv6. And I would 
be very happy to have this restriction to be removed for IPv4 too 
because it makes no sense till there is proper multi threading, it sucks 
to waste IP space just because of this nonsense.

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