[tor-relays] Improving Relay IPv6 - RIPE Grant

teor teor at riseup.net
Fri Dec 13 07:26:21 UTC 2019


> On 13 Dec 2019, at 08:45, Logforme <m7527 at abc.se> wrote:
>> On 2019-12-12 17:49:22, "NOC" <tor at afo-tm.org> wrote:
>> than lets drop all IPv4 only relays from consensus 2020 finally.
> I would be sad to no longer be able to contribute to the Tor network.
> My ISP, Telenor Sweden, does not provide IPv6 and have no (public) roadmap for supporting IPv6.
> I can't switch ISP since they provide the fiber connection for the apartment building.

We won't be disabling IPv4 on relays any time soon.

The RIPE grant covers IPv6 address autodetection and self-testing.
If the feature is reliable enough, we may turn on IPv6 on dual-stack relays
by default. (When autodetection and self-testing both pass.)

We don't have any plans to disable IPv4 on relays. We'd need most relays
to be dual-stack first. (Or we'd need research about privacy in non-clique
networks.) And we'd need to write code that allows relays to turn off IPv4.

When that's all deployed, we would have to make an engineering decision
about the capacity of current IPv4-only relays, and the potential capacity
of IPv6-only relays.

One possible transition strategy is to allow IPv6-only bridges and exits.
But to do that, we need more dual-stack guards and middles. That's why
we are improving support for dual-stack relays with this funding.


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