[tor-relays] Article: The Growing Problem of Malicious Relays on the Tor Network

Dirk tor-relay.dirk at o.banes.ch
Mon Dec 9 19:26:37 UTC 2019

Dear all,

I was made aware today of the article be nusenu [1]. Please read it.

So even I theoretically new Sybil attack scenario against the tor
network - I never was aware it could affect so much of the tor network
"At their peak they reached >10% of the Tor network’s guard capacity".

The article leaves me with some thoughts:

+ Due to the natrue of the tor network the problem can never be solved
by 100%

+ How can the tor network be improved to be more resilient against this
attach (Software & Operation)

+ Is there currently already activity ongoning by the tor project and
how can we as organizations and operators support it

best regards

Tor support team digitale-gesellschaft.ch


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