[tor-relays] A Tor association for Hamburg / Tor-Meetup Summary

Alexander Dietrich alexander at dietrich.cx
Sat Apr 27 21:47:10 UTC 2019

Hi everyone,

at our Tor meetup in August 2018 we announced plans to found a Hamburg-based Tor association, and now we did it: Artikel10 was established by 12 founding members on Friday evening! Our purpose is supporting secure communication media like Tor, as well as doing digital rights education and advocacy. We aim to become a charitable registered organization.

You can find our (german) homepage here: https://artikel10.org/

Our first activity was to hold a Tor meetup in the rustic basement of the University of Hamburg's Computer Science department. We heard a Tor introductory talk followed by Q&A. Similar to the previous meetup, we met someone familiar with Tor Browser/Tails and interested in running a relay, but not having server administration knowledge yet. In the following discussion it was suggested that running a Bridge at home might be suitable from a resources and risk perspective. Running a "Bridge on a Pi" workshop could be helpful for getting people started as relay operators.

Kind regards,

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