[tor-relays] Relay C19B33758B3A5144894233EC4C95D7985B9FD101

ylms tor at yl.ms
Mon Apr 8 07:14:20 UTC 2019

On 4/5/19 10:58 AM, ylms wrote:
> "[WARN] Error binding network socket: Address already in use  [991
> duplicates hidden]"
> I did use a search engine, but am not sure what too look for further.
> Also let me know if I should not worry at all.
> 991 warnings are probably since tor is running, which is about 24 days.

I just realized that the fault did not occur since I asked about the
problem here, I did not change anything till today, so maybe there was
another condition present at some time before.
Also I did do some other checks, see my emails in the this thread, and
did not find any problems.


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