[tor-relays] Making use of new bandwidth

Logforme m7527 at abc.se
Sat Apr 6 19:19:28 UTC 2019

I run the non-exit relay: 
The relay run on a debian stretch machine with an i5-4670 at 3.8GHz with 
4GB memory. CPU usage at 250Mbps traffic is around 40% of 1 core out of 

On April 1st my ISP doubled my bandwidth, from 250Mbps to 500Mbps.
So far the Tor bandwidth authorities seems to not have picked up on all 
the new bandwidth. The observed bandwidth number has changed twice, 
increasing with small amounts.

How long does it take for the BW authorities to eventually observe a BW 
closer to 500Mbps. Weeks? Months?
The reason I ask is that I wonder if I should run a second Tor instance 
or if the current one will be able to make use a a reasonable part of 
the 500Mps.
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