[tor-relays] mailing list tone

George george at queair.net
Fri Apr 5 17:08:00 UTC 2019

The mailing list is specifically for Tor relay operators and related
issues.  There's no space for personal attacks.

Such attacks debase the main purpose of this mailing list, and set a
negative tone for everyone, including those who are just watching the

Additionally, condescending remarks like:

>> No one else cares about you and your confused lackeys attempts to
>> be big-boy tor relay operators.

...have no place here. Such remarks can discourage newcomers who are still
learning, especially those who are not men. It reinforces the outdated
idea that the relay operator community is a boys' club for the properly

Let's respectfully help people who are still learning, and let's also be
respectful about giving constructive feedback when people behave in ways
we might not like.

We want a mailing list environment that is conducive to both new and
experienced relay operators to engage in fruitful discussions. We ask
that you follow those guidelines, or leave.

for the Tor Community Council


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