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Conrad Rockenhaus conrad at rockenhaus.com
Thu Apr 4 21:31:48 UTC 2019

On Thu, Apr 4, 2019 at 2:50 PM Old Man Tor <oldmantor at protonmail.com> wrote:
> Sorry to hear that, that's really unfortunate and I would never want to wish that upon anyone. I wish you a speedy recovery with hopefully no lasting side effects.

Thank you, I appreciate that. Unfortunately, I am unable to walk anymore.

> That said, it has been a GOOD amount of quiet while you've been gone.
> For the love of god/shiva/onions, please don't let these new relays turn into Conrad and Nathaniel 'Cordially' Suchy's DeadGreyPonyIT show again.

My sin was over advertising on the list, I will take that. Oh, and
arguing with an arrogant asghshole. Otherwise, it was others. I can't
control the actions of other people. They did what they did.

As far as the 12 year old douche bag, don't worry about my association
with him. When I came home and I was catching up on the list and I
read his "disassociation" email, I felt this sharp pain in my back,
and I realized that Mr. Cordially just stabbed me in front of all of
the relay operators. It's all good though, I was able to stop the
bleeding and continue catching up on the list.

> No one else cares about you and your confused lackeys attempts to be big-boy tor relay operators.

Yes, I understand that, which is why I went silent after I was told to
stop advertising.

> If you wish to join the network again, please do it in the style of someone respectable like Quintex - He just 'does' it, and doesn't clog up everyone's inboxes with useless messages about new nodes/downtime/'customers'/things that should be experimented with or tested on your own first. It's not a competition to get the fastest speeds from a box, the most nodes (maybe a personal goal, being mindful of operator percentages) or anything else. We're just here for the bigger cause.

I mainly sent my email to explain my absence for the past couple of
months. I apologize that it offended all of the operators. Since y'all
are so easily offended by my email explaining my absence shall I just
take my shit down and do something else?
> We, and all tor users appreciate your efforts in running a relay of any kind, we can just do without the 'look at me' circus again.

I don't give a shit about the 'Look at me' circus. Previously, my main
goal was to get more FreeBSD nodes on Tor, and it turned into a 'Look
at me' shit show, I'll admit that, but I was no part of that. I
thought that was a respectable goal.

> Love,
> Old Man Tor.
> [Sent from a throwaway account, over Tor of course. Cowardly, but I said what needed to be said that a lot of other relay operators are thinking but are too scared to say.]
> From:Conrad Rockenhaus<conrad at rockenhaus.com>
> Date: Thu Apr 4 04:48:01 UTC 2019
> Subject: [tor-relays] Hello
> To: Tor Relay Mailinglist <tor-relays at lists.torproject.org>
> Hi Tor-Relays,
> I apologize that I just disappeared, I wound up with a massive stroke
> last year which was more significant than the last one and was
> hospitalized longer for recovery and rehabilitation. Things just kind
> of fell to the wayside since it's kind of hard to computer when you
> can't computer :P.
> Anyway, I've been home for the past few weeks and starting to get back
> into my old hobbies again. I brought two new exit relays up in NYC,
> one Linux, and one FreeBSD on 1 Gb/s Links. I have another FreeBSD box
> in NYC on a 1 Gb/s link that I'm trying to think if I should make an
> exit relay or just a regular relay.
> Relay names - greyponyitnyc001 and greyponyitnyc002.
> I hope everyone is having a good day!
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