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Old Man Tor oldmantor at protonmail.com
Thu Apr 4 19:50:23 UTC 2019

Sorry to hear that, that's really unfortunate and I would never want to wish that upon anyone. I wish you a speedy recovery with hopefully no lasting side effects.

That said, it has been a GOOD amount of quiet while you've been gone.

For the love of god/shiva/onions, please don't let these new relays turn into Conrad and Nathaniel 'Cordially' Suchy's DeadGreyPonyIT show again.

No one else cares about you and your confused lackeys attempts to be big-boy tor relay operators.

If you wish to join the network again, please do it in the style of someone respectable like Quintex - He just 'does' it, and doesn't clog up everyone's inboxes with useless messages about new nodes/downtime/'customers'/things that should be experimented with or tested on your own first. It's not a competition to get the fastest speeds from a box, the most nodes (maybe a personal goal, being mindful of operator percentages) or anything else. We're just here for the bigger cause.

We, and all tor users appreciate your efforts in running a relay of any kind, we can just do without the 'look at me' circus again.

Old Man Tor.

[Sent from a throwaway account, over Tor of course. Cowardly, but I said what needed to be said that a lot of other relay operators are thinking but are too scared to say.]

From:Conrad Rockenhaus<conrad at rockenhaus.com>
Date: Thu Apr 4 04:48:01 UTC 2019
Subject: [tor-relays] Hello
To: Tor Relay Mailinglist <tor-relays at lists.torproject.org>

Hi Tor-Relays,

I apologize that I just disappeared, I wound up with a massive stroke
last year which was more significant than the last one and was
hospitalized longer for recovery and rehabilitation. Things just kind
of fell to the wayside since it's kind of hard to computer when you
can't computer :P.

Anyway, I've been home for the past few weeks and starting to get back
into my old hobbies again. I brought two new exit relays up in NYC,
one Linux, and one FreeBSD on 1 Gb/s Links. I have another FreeBSD box
in NYC on a 1 Gb/s link that I'm trying to think if I should make an
exit relay or just a regular relay.

Relay names - greyponyitnyc001 and greyponyitnyc002.

I hope everyone is having a good day!

Conrad Rockenhaus
Cell: (254) 292-3350
Fax: (254) 875-0459
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