[tor-relays] Emerald Onion's new relays

Christopher Sheats yawnbox at emeraldonion.org
Tue Apr 2 04:36:37 UTC 2019


Beginning this Wednesday, 2019-Apr-03, Emerald Onion will be starting 40 new uncapped and unfiltered exit relays using HardenedBSD in Seattle. We will turn on 10 new relays per day and be monitoring performance. In tandem, we will be publishing our updated edge routing and Tor relay configurations on our Github. We'll also publish an updated transparency report (spoiler: zero new requests). This work is part of our efforts to saturate our new unmetered 10Gbps transit link in the Westin data center. There we peer with the Seattle Internet Exchange with a separate 10Gbps connection. We'll be using our existing IP scopes:


We are in the process of creating an RPKI ROA for our prefixes, and we are still rebuilding our DNS resolver (thanks nusenu for the feedback). These things will be completed before we turn on the new relays.

If you donated to Emerald Onion (a 501(c)(3)) nonprofit), thank you! We'll be naming the relays accordingly. We will still accept new donations for relay naming rights-- email me directly for more information. Lastly, and If you're unaware, I spoke about our work at DEFCON 26: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cs6a1i4Owic


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