[tor-relays] Relay with VPN

Mirimir mirimir at riseup.net
Tue Nov 27 22:34:27 UTC 2018

On 11/27/2018 02:18 PM, deadcow at tuta.io wrote:
> Hi everyone, first time ever using mailing lists. Please let me know if something I'm doing wrong. 
> I'd like to run a middle relay. 
> I'm using Linux mint 19
> The question. Can i set up relay through VPN? (nordvpn) 
> Or if i want relay i have to stop using vpn? 
>  Thank you for help

I love VPNs, but running a Tor relay through one is a _bad_ idea. It
introduces latency. And there are also security issues.

It's easy with OpenVPN in Linux to create routing exceptions. So Tor
could connect directly, bypassing the VPN tunnel. But everything else
would still use the VPN.

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