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Sun Nov 25 10:21:06 UTC 2018

When I`m building new system usually I`m trying to utilize all resources which I have - I mean CPU/MEM net bandwith etc. Thats why I`m installing many different services on one host. I know that from the security point of view for some people it is not the proper way. I`m green IT activist and I`m really focus on the resources which my system is using and consuming - my target is not to create as many systems as possible with single service (this could be to easy and to expensive), but to let many services running smoothly on the single host. Tor network is growing every month - include power and resource consumption. I do not see here any reason to buy next VPS with separate IP only for tor if I have a lot of free resources on the e-mail server. I think that we should start to force RBL Services to let people use IPs also for tor and do not let them to block IPs only because tor relay is running on it.

Some example:
One of my e-mail hosts is using IP from the IP range, where is also running tor relay (from some other person). Complete subnet is blacklisted by RAT RBL and I`m not able even to react and say - "Hey RAT RBL! - My system is not part of the tor, so why You are blocking complete subnet ? ". My e-mail system is 100% compatible with RFC (I have implemented everything ... reverse dns, SPF, DKIM,DMARC, S/MIME ... and so on) but even with this 30% of wrong configured services marking my e-mails as potential spam... because of that RAT RBL... If e-mail system doesnt sent spam - why its blocked ?

 Thats why I`m searching for some solution which will help me to connect two e-mail worlds: internet with Tor.

The one thing which is coming to my mind is to write some article in the internet about RBL Services - that some of them are against privacy or they do not understand what they are doing and how big stupid impact they generate on the communication in the internet.

I decided that I will build tor relay on my e-mail server. We will see what will happend. I will write article about it.

If some of You have similar experiences, please let me know.


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On Saturday, November 24, 2018 5:24 PM, <starlight.2018q2 at binnacle.cx> wrote:

> If you have a good deal on a powerful VPS you wish to run
> as a relay, suggest you rent a second dirt-cheap low resource
> VPS for email. MTA softwares tolerate flaky connectivity
> and system performance well.
> RBLs are a fact of life. I use them to great benefit on
> my MTAs. Reason no-port-25 exits are blacklisted is that
> web-form spammers use them.
> Here are two excellent resources for viewing the blacklist status
> of IP addresses (helpful to check IPs, when known, before
> purchase):
> http://multirbl.valli.org/lookup/x.x.x.x.html # single IP
> https://www.senderbase.org/lookup/?search_string=x.x.x.x/24 # block, directs to Talos
> The lists which matter most are Spamhaus, CBL and Barracuda.
> Good luck with it!
> On 2Thu Nov 22 13:08:55 UTC 2018, Artem Dziubenko wrote:
> > Hi,
> > no its not possible. This is powerful VPS with single IP. I simply do not
> > want to have blacklisted IP because tor relay is running on it.
> > In the past many times IP was blaclisted and afterwards I had
> > several problems with email delivery.
> > I do not understand why rbls blocking tor non exit relay ip's... It stupid...
> > Cheers
> > Dlugasny
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> > On 22 Nov 2018, 08:30, Artem Dziubenko wrote:
> >
> > > Is it possible to get a second IP address for that server from your ISP?
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> > >
> > > > Hi,
> > > > I haven an e-mail server which has a lot of not consumed
> > > > resources (CPU/Traffic etc.). Base on my practice I know that my
> > > > E-mail server will loose reputation if Tor relay will run on the same IP.
> > > > Is there any other way to utilize resources of that machine without
> > > >
> > > > > any reputation impact on the IP.
> > > >
> > > > Thanks in advance for any feedback.
> > > > Cheers
> > > > Dlugasny
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