[tor-relays] UbuntuCore relays

Chad MILLER chad at cornsilk.net
Sat Nov 24 23:57:44 UTC 2018

If someone is spoofing them, then I reckon they are doing a good job
updating them to match the (ever-increasing) revision number, now at

Downloads are anonymous, but the dashboard I have says it should be about
6000 nodes wishing to join (though failed connectivity might remove some)
and metrics.torproject.org says "at least 2000".

If someone has an idea for a veracity experiment, contact me.

On Sat, Nov 24, 2018 at 3:32 PM nusenu <nusenu-lists at riseup.net> wrote:

> Roger Dingledine wrote:
> > Btw, all of these UbuntuCore relays are from snap packages run by Tor
> > enthusiasts
> Do you indeed mean "all"? Since there have also been other hypothesis about
> at least some of these "UbuntuCore" relays in the past (see bad-relays ML
> archive from 2017-11-13),
> it would be great if you could elaborate on how you came to that
> conclusion.
> thanks,
> nusenu
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