[tor-relays] Explaining Tor to worried parent

DrNotThatEvil relay at wilv.in
Wed Nov 14 23:19:34 UTC 2018

Thanks for all the responses.

If the issue ever comes up in the near future I'm defiantly gonna bring
up some of the same points.
I'm learning a lot while running this thing, secondly thanks for
pointing out that the Legal stuff isn't a scary
thing but a valuable thing to learn as well. I have never dealt with the
legal aspect so it's even more important
to get my feet wet and get experience I just never looked at it from
that aspect.

Secondly the negative view about "future opportunities" is something one
of my parents brought up, It's defiantly
not a view that I share. I view that expanding my experience in running
servers makes me write better
software (since you know what it's like) and I'm sure that a employer
might share that view.

- Willmar

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