[tor-relays] Blutmagie retired

starlight.2018q2 at binnacle.cx starlight.2018q2 at binnacle.cx
Wed Nov 14 14:16:12 UTC 2018

At Sun Nov 11 11:51:36 UTC 2018 Olaf Selke olaf.selke at blutmagie.de wrote
>thanx for all the flowers :-)
>I took the ssl certificate expiration 11/06 as an occasion to 
>discontinue the service. Actually behind the scenes everything is still 
>running. The mysql db is fed with Tor live data. Only the Apache config 
>prevents access. I'm just too lazy to renew the ssl certificate or to 
>switch to letsencrypt and I declined offers sell the site.

I don't think anyone would be bothered if you put an ad-service
on the page to generate some revenue.  Should cover the cost and
generate a small profit.  Torstatus is nice!

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