[tor-relays] Bridge Relay Internet Speed Much Slower Than Actual Internet Speed

teor teor at riseup.net
Wed Nov 14 00:16:32 UTC 2018


>> On 14 Nov 2018, at 07:11, entensaison at use.startmail.com wrote:
>> Hello List, my bridge relay at https://metrics.torproject.org/rs.html#details/148BD64BED9F2C27637D986DE032ECF14E5B9E9A
>> Is reporting the relay speed is between 50 kb/s and 60 kb/s, when the speed of the internet connection it is running off of is actually much faster than this, generally about 50mbps (the relay is running on a home internet connection, where the isp is Charter Communications / Spectrum). As a result, I have the “fast” flag on/off randomly.
>> I do not want my bridge to suck up a huge amount of my internet speed, but why would the  tor software report relay speed that is so much slower than the speed of the internet connection it runs off of?
> The advertised bandwidth is not the bandwidth of your 
> connection but the bandwidth observed. 
> Your relay probably hasn't been used as a relay so far. 
> When it's being used the advertised bandwidth will rise. 
> Are bridges chosen based on their advertised bandwidth?

Yes, but it's clamped to a narrow range, so it doesn't have
much impact on which bridge a client chooses.

> It's been up nonstop for 7-8 days, so I would say it's definitely been used. It jumped down to 10kb/s for a day then back up to 55kb/s. Any thoughts on why this might happen are  appreciated, thank you.

BridgeDB allocates bridges to different pools. Some pools
are not used by many users, and there is a reserve pool.

Even if your bridge is sent to users, those users might not be online
all the time.

Please don't worry about the usage of your bridge or relay.
It is very normal for usage to vary.

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